The Bertelsman Report on Social Justice

A quite astonishing finding.

If you define Scandinavian social democracy as being social justice, when you go and measure social justice you find that the Scandinavian countries are socially just.

Who would have thought that such an outcome would be possible?

4 thoughts on “The Bertelsman Report on Social Justice”

  1. May I suggest some specific policies that will improve the measures discussed?

    Make it mandatory to work from 18 to 66, whether you want to or not (this improves the employment participation rate and the gender equality of employment participation).

    Mandatory degree level education for everybody (it doesn’t matter what in), improving further education participation.

    Force every employer to sack all earners above the current median wage, reducing relative poverty (of course you would then need to keep recalculating and re-doing each year).

    All else being equal, more dangerous jobs are better paid. One reason for lower average pay for women is that they participate less in dangerous jobs (front line soldiers, deep-sea diving, construction, mining …). So force women to do dangerous jobs. That will improve pay inequality.

    Make a lot of rich people feel ill, that would improve health perception inequality.

    So that will make us a better country, right?

  2. “So what set of countries would you suggest provide a better measure of social justice?”


    As soon as you put the word “social” in front of things they become meaningless bollocks, driven by the standard lefty trio of hatred, envy and hypocrisy.

    The first commenter does a fine job of pointing and laughing at it.

  3. Spencer: where people choose, or try to choose, to move to is conceptually a good one. Problem is it’s confounded by language (easier to move to somewhere where you can use a language you already speak), immigration laws and one-off events (eg oil discoveries).

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