The Hippies are protesting again

Freedom Plaza, Washington DC, 6th Oct, be there or be square.

Why did you choose a fist as your symbol?

We picked the fist as a symbol of solidarity and unity.  For an explanation see: “The Fist of Solidarity.”


\”Hey, Joe, so what are you doing to make the country a better place this weekend?\”

\”I\’m going fisting in Freedom Plaza!\”

\”Umm, yeah…..\”

\”No Man, the Fist of Solidarity!\”

\”Well, consenting adults and all that I suppose. Don\’t frighten the horses though.\”

4 thoughts on “The Hippies are protesting again”

  1. Philip Scott Thomas

    Oooh. Fancy you making a joke about a term like “fisting”. And you a married man. And an Englishman, to boot. Saucey…

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