The Potemkin Protest

The camp forced St Paul\’s to close for the first time since the Blitz and is costing local businesses thousands of pounds a day.

But most of the protesters are heading home to sleep in their own beds at night.

Infra red images taken by a police helicopter during the early hours show that only around 20 of the 200 tents on the encampment actually have people staying in them.

So, if the protestors reduced the number of tents to the number of people who were actually staying there over night then there wouldn\’t be any problem from St. Paul\’s or anyone else about their being there, would there?

8 thoughts on “The Potemkin Protest”

  1. The St Paul’s = evil meme is really odd…

    Protesters against capitalism etc (OccupyLSX) roll up, St Paul’s says it’s fine (although there is apparently a dispute about who in the hierarchy was allowed to give permission), then it gets a bit much for St Paul’s staff, who ask protesters to leave and shut down St Paul’s in the meantime.

    Then this meme about St Paul’s and the CofE being too wealthy and in league with Teh Evil Bankers springs forth.

    I’ve got to say, when I heard about OccupyLSX, I didn’t see this coming!

  2. If the problem is with hygiene and fire risk, that would not solve the problem.
    It would, however, reduce obstruction.

  3. I agree with Julia, empty tents are litter, and should be cleared away by the council.
    But also, with a nod to the recent report on under-used houses in the private sector, perhaps we should be doing something about these greedy clingy tent-hoarders, their spare tents should be confiscated and re-allocated to needier homeless people….

  4. I wandered over there at lunchtime to see if I could find any of the workshy tossers to argue with and all I found was a load of empty tents. It is a sham.

  5. The only problem with all this is that the police flatly deny ever having released any figures on overnight occupancy, nor will they confirm whether or not they’ve used thermal imaging cameras in the first place. The protesters themselves strongly deny the alleged 10% occupancy rate.

    Maybe the fact that this story originally appeared only in the Sun, Mail, Telegraph, and Times (though not, curiously, the Express) is a bit of a giveaway?

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