There\’s a certain paranoia to Our Ken, isn\’t there?

He was joking, obviously – but if no one is laughing, perhaps that means his jokes aren\’t working? \”I refuse not to have a sense of humour.\” Then why does he think Johnson gets away with his jokes, and he doesn\’t? \”Because his friends own and control the media.\”

It\’s part and parcel of the mindset that the reason the proles don\’t vote for prolier than thou politicians is all that false consciousness promoted by advertising.

There was a survey a little while back (6 to 18 months) which I\’d love to find again, which analysed what the British actually thought was fair. You know, went and asked them. And it wasn\’t equality of ourcome at all, not even equality of earnings.

Equality of opportunity, yes, but not outcome. Somewhere between the Liberal and Wet Tory view of \”fair\” rather than the Labour one. And certainly many degrees rightwards of Ken\’s.

3 thoughts on “There\’s a certain paranoia to Our Ken, isn\’t there?”

  1. I suspect the survey you have in mind is “What’s Fair? The Public’s View” published in 2009 by the National Centre for Social Research and available online via

    Tim adds: That’s the babby. Thank you.

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