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Have to say that these two consecutive (well, consecutive on my timeline or whatever) amused me:


@spanneredbooks Bert Random
@wood5y Pretty much – Worstall is a libertarian zealot, with a really unpleasant (and often hypocritical) view of the world…

@alikichapple alikichapple
@RegularGrrrl Don\’t worry too much about Worstall, he is a hard-right authoritarian conservative who likes to provoke. #asshole
I\’m both a libertarian zealot and a hard-right authoritarian conservative?
Good grief, I thought I was far too old to be such a contortionist.


9 thoughts on “Timmy on Twitter”

  1. The first twitterer is probably right, at least as they see it. Why many people of their political persuasion seem to use the terms Libertarian, Right-Wing, Authoritarian and Conservative interchangably has always been baffling to me; I think they must just dislike all of those things so assume they’re the same.

    That said I’ve often gotten confused between Marxists and Socialists, apparently there’s a difference, so who am I to talk 😉

  2. Typical leftist twats – can’t engage in debate cos those awkward facts get in the way so it’s ad hominems all the way…

  3. The Left see libertarians as more right wing than conservatives, presumably because they are more pro-free market.

    They also assume more right wing to mean more authoritarian.

    Of course, they miss the irony that they are the most authoritarian of all.

  4. Tim, it’s probably for the best that they don’t realise you’re a global cooling denier. That fact would cause their heads to explode in the attempt to handle a right-winger who had seeeen the LIGHT!

  5. @Johnnydub

    Indeed, “leftist twats” cannot argue outside of their narrow Weltanschauung so the fallback is ad hominems.

  6. Pretty much – Worstall is a [insult], with a really unpleasant (and often [insult]) view of the world
    Don’t worry too much about Worstall, he is a [insult] [insult] [insult] who likes to provoke.

    Insert fascist, nazi, right-wing, libertarian or indeed paedophile to suit.

  7. as David Hall says, the first comment is objectively correct, though ideologically biased. The second is just crap.

    As Rob points out, they cannot accept that their opponents come in many flavours.
    Milton Friedman = Pat Buchanan

  8. Remember, these are the people who claim that both Margaret Thatcher – small gov’t, lower taxes, free enterprise – and Adolf Hitler – big gov’t, higher taxes, state controlled economy – ,are right-wing.

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