They\’re getting this the wrong way around again.

Admittedly, these potential saviours are not unruly British adolescents but the 283 million girls aged between 10 and 20 who live in poverty in the countryside of the developing world. Study after study has shown that when they are given a better chance – above all, a decent education – something miraculous happens: the number of births in the area falls, while income and food production increase. Yet these same teenagers have long been neglected by their families and aid agencies alike, with the result that their adolescence usually sees their horizons not widening, but shrinking.

No, it\’s not empowering women that creates economic growth. It\’s that economic growth allows the education and empowerment of women.

Going out and teaching them to read and write is all very well, indeed, damn good idea. But it isn\’t that which leads to higher crops, fewer children and all the rest. It\’s that there is a surplus, which allows for the time to become educated.

5 thoughts on “Twits”

  1. Cargo cult development agencies. They believe that if they imitate the surface outcomes of developed economies then the rest will just happen.

  2. “Admittedly, these potential saviours………….”

    If I had not read your analysis of that statement I am sure I would have taken it at face value and accepted it as a fact. And as there are more people at or below my IQ/analytical level than people like you most of those would have accepted that statement as fact as well. So as there is more of us idiots without an iota of common sense than there are of people like you it makes it more understandable why we so frequently have incompetent governments that make irrational decisions on our behalf. Because in a democracy stupid people are in the majority and vote in stupid politicians.

  3. Is that what women want – few children and the right to work at making food etc.
    Or is that what feminists want?

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