Two Ritchie Tweets

@RyanCPS I was talking all schools – from private to local comp- all seem to have one goal, which is conformity. No wonder we don\’t innovate

@RyanCPS Free schools are an elitist abuse of the state that will never solve education problem. We need universal solutions

Perhaps five minutes apart.

I\’m against conformity but everything must be the same.

6 thoughts on “Two Ritchie Tweets”

  1. Having read quite a few of @RichardJMurphy’s tweets you probably missed on of his tweets.

    “@RyanCPS What I meant by all schools was all schools except free schools.”

  2. Arnaud, I doubt the intervening tweets help.

    Truth is, on education, like his economics, The Murph is a state-planning, control-freak socialist.

    No news there then.

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