Very good work here, very good indeed.


3 thoughts on “Very good work here, very good indeed.”

  1. Brilliant link -8 years ago my mother had problems swallowing and because she smoked, Assumed it was throat cancer-luckily not but a 9 month wait for an appointment led my Dad to pay for them to go private -although both had paid taxes all their working lives. As he put it ‘ what’s the point of having money if you aren’t around to share it’ – the ‘free’ healthcare is paid for by massive waiting lists. I just wish some people would learn basic economics but that doesn’t seem likely….

  2. Somebody very dear to me was diagnosed with brain cancer with an estimation of six months to live. He was given an appointment to see a specialist in 3 months. Half his predicted life span.
    He paid taxes and was a soldier.
    Fuck the NHS

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