Wales All Blacks Final?

So, err, decent enough second half then I suppose?

But I think that Wales today would have walked through France today. So, Wales in the final and I sorta assume NZ will be there too (although, come on you Pumas!).

Actually, I wouldn\’t want to bet against Wales today beating NZ sans Dan Carter.

10 thoughts on “Wales All Blacks Final?”

  1. Australia will scrape it against the Saffers; the Kiwis will spank the Aussies; Wales will spank the French, and the final will be fucking awesome, even if Wales lose.

    (disclaimer: Welsh mum, hence introduced to rugby by Welsh granddad, so rugby’s the only support for which I unequivocally support Wales over England).

  2. Wales played very well: hat’s off. Ireland were pretty good too, France good in patches. As for England … after a while I decided it would be cruel to continue laughing. Still, to their credit, they didn’t have a Rooney moment.

  3. My absolute nightmare is a Wales v Australia final. As my daughter said, I’ll be backing the earthquake. Next weekend I shall find myself most unusually shouting for the French, and hopefully the Boks but not overly minding if the ABs make it.

  4. First part of my prediction: ACCURATE. Also, anyone who’d cheer for the French over a British Isles team should be tarred and feathered.

  5. Find me a taff, jock or paddy who would support England over France, I couldn’t name one from among my friends and I don’t expect them to. At least the French give us fine wine and cheeses, and a beautiful capital city. Wales gives us cheese on toast. Allez Les Bleu!

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