What a very weird and strange view of the world

Because childcare responsibilities still fall on women, women with children take low-paid, opportunity-free part-time work, and suffer economically and, presumably, spiritually.

It\’s spiritual suffering to take care of your own children now, is it?

7 thoughts on “What a very weird and strange view of the world”

  1. I can’t believe I’m going to defend Tanya Gold but I think she means they suffer from the low-paid, opportunity-free part-time work. And, as someone looking for low-paid and opportunity-free part-time work, I suspect she’s not entirely wrong.

  2. Just a sideways glance, but..
    If child care is so expensive that teenage single mothers find it better to stay home and farm their offspring, how come there are not thousands of sprog farms springing up in every tower block and sink estate to cash in on this bonanza? John Humphries’ recent foray into this murky world had all the fecund teenagers bemoaning the cost, so why do they not set up profitable self-help units, price driven down by competition, releasing all those who seem to want to rush out to do all the jobs that are available in our booming economy. Apart from inbred apathy, I cannot believe it has any thing to do with the dead hand of the bureaucracy that grips any application to set up a child-minding operation. Police checks, CCTV installations, fire-regs, elfinsafety, public health and hygiene, planning regs, housing dept. rules on running a business from social housing. I’m sure you can add more. No wonder it costs an arm and a leg, with considerable up front investment. It used to be, as Humphries pointed out, that family and friends would child mind, usually for a few bob a day, without all the rigmarole.

  3. I think biology is a less logical target to rage against as that ass, the law.

    In the US at least, courts are much more likely to award custody of minor children to the mother. Whether the father may be a better fit parent than the mother is of seemingly little consequence to the custody decision.

    I think this is one of the main factors in the so-called “feminization of poverty”. It clearly creates incentive for fathers simply to walk away from their child rearing responsibilities. Too many fathers do just that – even ones who keep current with child support – leaving single mothers to raise the child(ren) and hold a job at the same time. Very tough row to hoe.

    In this particular area, I think the law is indeed “a ass”.

  4. But you are always banging on about how looking after your own children is work – albeit unpaid – of comparable intensity to paid work?

  5. No-one said it’s always easy, but looking after children is a blessing not work. I feel sorry for the children of anyone who says otherwise. Nevertheless acting as main child carer (whether male or female) as well as holding down a demanding job with good prospects is undoubtedly one of life’s greatest challenges. Is it possible to succeed at both?

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