What excellent news!

A third of all shoppers say that they are cooking with leftover food and scraps more than they were at the start of the year, according to a survey into shopping habits by the IGD, the food and grocery industry body.

Won\’t WRAP and all the environmentalists be pleased? You know, the people who have been whining that we throw away far too much of the food that we buy?

Or maybe it doesn\’t work like that. It\’s good if you waste less food because you are pure of heart but not good if you waste less food because you\’re skint?

You know, intentions matter more than the environment?

3 thoughts on “What excellent news!”

  1. My cooking is sooo good that the leftovers are fought over the next day (he said humbly).

    I had a sister-in-law (no longer, my bro’s divorce is almost finalised) who used to throw away yoghurts a week before the best by date. This was not the cause of the divorce (although it was just another of her expensive habits) but you can imagine; stuff thrown away before it even reached the table the first time round!!!

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