You what?

During the past century global average temperatures have risen by almost 1C, and climate experts predict 7C of warming by 2100.

Where? Who?

There are a few fanatics predicting 7 oC, yes, but not any respectable scientists.

Are there?

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  1. I’m not aware of any, but I have seen this experiment, which predicted around 4.5º, being misreported (e.g. in the Metro) as showing higher values such as 11º due to the journalists apparently not realising that the higher values in the ensemble were outliers and not considered reasonable by the scientists who designed the experiment.

  2. One degree in the last hundred years, SEVEN degrees in the next eighty-eight (and a bit) years.
    Thats one hell of a step change.
    James Hansens famously scary graph of 1988 – which started this whole AGW thing off – had a worst case slope of about 0.4C per decade starting in the 1990’s ; his longer term averaged chart, again in the worst case, reached 4.2C in 2060, so maybe would have hit about 6C by 2100 (it was a bit exponential)
    However, the current global temperature is currently closer to Hansens best-case graph, in which CFC and CO2 emissions ceased to grow after 2000. This would imply maybe a further 1C change in the next 100 years.
    Most subsequent model runs have done essentially the same thing, with temperatures to “present” well modeled, and a subsequent range of outcomes in the +1C to +7C bracket looking 100 years ahead. The fate of the Hansen model suggests that we really needn’t be alarmed by this.
    Or, indeed, take any notice of it at all.

  3. Animals shrinking due to global warming?

    They really are getting desperate, aren’t they.

    Can we not just regard this whole thing as discredited nonsense, and start laughing at them?

  4. Well my woolly cardigan shrunk in the washing machine, because the water was too hot. So that must mean the sheep are doing the same thing. Stands to reason.

  5. “Animals shrinking due to global warming?”

    I mean given how animals have remained exactly the same size over time and have also maintained their same characteristics throughout that time we should indeed be worried… 🙂

  6. Tim, there are some models quoted in the last IPCC report that showed results of that order….maybe they should have been excluded but they are still there in the multi-model mean estimate

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