And it is a state that wants to hand control of one of the UK’s greatest achievements – the National Health Service – to the market so that we can copy the US healthcare model and double the cost of provision in exchange for worse healthcare outcomes

It\’s the French system they\’re copying: not the American.

We can tell the difference: it\’s still tax paying for health care from a diversity of suppliers, not private insurance paying for it.

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  1. @marksany: “it is the state interference in the US system that drives up costs”. How so?

    I’m not disagreeing; I’m just interested.

  2. If it’s the state interference in the US system that drives up the cost, why is it that there are dozens of examples of countries that have a more state-based system, lower costs and better outcomes, and, erm, no countries at all that manage to have a more state-based system and higher costs?

    (this shouldn’t be read as a defence of the NHS in its current form – it’s clear that systems such as the French and Australian ones are somewhat superior to the NHS model, as well as vastly superior to the US model)

  3. I thought that it was largely the legal system that was contributing to US costs? In that, just to ensure that you cannot be accused of (and sued for) having missed something, you need to test for pretty much everything.

    Or am I just postulating from insufficient anecdata?

  4. John B,

    In theory – although I’m dubious about the original statement – because a state in direct control of something is quite likely to be more efficient than the combination of the state micromanaging how a private company runs things.

  5. Not quite correct the French system requires C30% of costs to be born by private insurance with some exceptions for the less well off.

  6. Tim, you misunderstand. Support of the NHS has become like a religion in Britain, and its adherents ALWAYS respond to any suggestion of change with “But then it’ll be like America!” In the world of British NHS advocacy, there are only two healthcare systems: the NHS and the American system, in which patients are thrown out of hospitals to die in the streets because they don’t have enough money and ambulance drivers charge you extra to turn the siren on.

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