Ai Weiwei and the tax man

Ai Weiwei has said his life is turning into a \”Hollywood movie\” as Chinese officials throw up fresh obstacles to his efforts to clear tax charges against his company.

Hours before the deadline for paying the 15m yuan (£1.47m) fine, tax officials told the artist and human rights campaigner he could not use his mother\’s house as collateral and that there were problems with the funds he had raised in a public appeal.

\”I only heard this morning about this money problem,\” Ai told the Guardian on Monday. \”They put us in a very difficult situation. They are not following the law. There is nothing I can do.\”

This is the sort of thing that happens when the taxman is allowed to ignore the rule of law and work on \”what\’s best for society\” or \”the spirit of the law\”.

They end up not working by the letter of the law, see?

3 thoughts on “Ai Weiwei and the tax man”

  1. But of course Murphy and Shaxson would still think that anyone in Europe involved with Weiwei (his agent, galleries selling his stuff,his bank, whatever) has a moral obligation to hand over information about him to the Chinese tax authorities.

  2. What’s the quote about laws from “A Man for All Seasons”? Yes, those legal quibbles might be annoying at times, but they’re our best defence against tyranny.

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