Ain\’t America Great?

the woman quoted just below is a student at Harvard University, one of several of whom recently walked out of Greg Mankiw’s EC10 course:

“I’m someone who lives below the poverty line, my family’s extremely poor.  And having a class like this that promotes gaining at the expense of millions of people disturbs me and bothers me at my core,” freshman Amanda Bradley told National Public Radio.

There you have it, folks!  In today’s America, even some poor Americans – people who admit to living “below the poverty line” – are enrolled at Harvard University.

I should add something to this though. I have a colleague who is a Fellow at Harvard. He\’s less than convinced that the place is recruiting students from the top end of the IQ spectrum these days.

9 thoughts on “Ain\’t America Great?”

  1. I thought students were supposed to have their preconceptions challenged at university.

    At least that’s what we’re always told when it’s the left doing the challenging.

  2. The important thing is that we all listen you young Amanda’s emotions, and then obey.

    This so-called ‘reality’ business is pretty offensive and disturbing to a lot of people.

  3. Why is the poverty line measured relative to the people in your own country? It’s just the politics of envy. “I shouldn’t have to look at people who are richer than I am! The people who are ten times poorer than I am can’t see me so it’s fine.” It should be measured against all people, everywhere. So the global poverty line (75% of median income) would be more to the tune of $1100 p.a.

    Of course, then you get into theoretical physics; if all events are “simultaneous” in spacetime, then maybe the poverty line should be measured against all people who will ever exist… but that’s getting into CrazyTown.

  4. Of course, then you get into theoretical physics; if all events are “simultaneous” in spacetime,

    But no events are ‘simultaneous’ in space-time. The concept becomes irrelevant as soon as you factor in apparent axis rotations due to motion.

    Much like the young lady’s complaint about her lecturer’s descriptions of reality offending her prejudices.

  5. So a potential burger flipper at Harvard dashes her chance of upwards career deleopment? Hurrah for sensible thinking. Indeed #Occupyyourcouch on welfare #LowIQ

  6. @Richard Allan – FWIW, the US poverty line is defined in absolute, not relative terms – as three times the cost of “sufficient nutrition”.

    As an undergraduate at Harvard College, Miss Bradley is extremely unlikely to be living below it. If her parents are poor, she will be getting a full-ride scholarship.
    So she is getting financial aid covering $12,801 in room and board.
    The US poverty line for a single person is $10,890.


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