American sex ed

Much of what he says is true.

However, he\’s missed the great point about the American education system.

It is a local education system. It\’s bugger all to do with the Federal Government. ocal school boards decide what should and will be taught locally.

Sure, you may not like the results but that was the way the system was set up.

5 thoughts on “American sex ed”

  1. I wouldn’t exactly say that it’s bugger all to do with the federal government. Since 1996, there has been federal funding of abstinence-only sex ed in the US. In 2007, the US government was giving grants of $176 million for abstinence-only programs to the states.

  2. The EU is trying to give Greece €100 Billion for an abstinence-only program, but I think they have conttoned on that it doesn’t work.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Matthew – “Ah yes, the sort that doesn’t work.”

    Evidence seems to suggest abstinence is the only sort that does work. Girls aren’t stupid. There is no evidence they are not making rational decisions for rational reasons. The only way to reduce teen pregnancies is to stop rewarding them. But where people take teen abstinence seriously – the Asian community for instance – it works. It is literally the only scheme that works in Britain.

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