An interesting High Bonneville sighting

Good to see Hugh Bonneville making a rare public appearance with his wife, Lulu. The couple, who married in 1998, attended the first night of Matilda.

The West End musical, which is staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company, will have brought back happy memories for the actor, 48, who began his career at the RSC, where he starred in such productions as \’Tis Pity She’s a Whore.

Bonneville, who later appeared in Conspiracy of Silence, is looking forward to the third series of Downton Abbey. In the last, his character, the Earl of Grantham, was overcome by passion for a woman in his pay. Naughty boy.

He does seem to be a favourite subject of the Mandrake column, doesn\’t he?

4 thoughts on “An interesting High Bonneville sighting”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    That is a scary photo. OK, I don’t like to be ungenerous to the weaker sex and it is 13 years afterwards. But, hypothetically speaking and referring to no one in particular, it is hard to imagine anyone paying for that. Unless there was some sort of special service involved.

    Tim adds: No, that’s his wife……

  2. In the 3rd series of Downton Abbey, will the Earl of Grantham be having a comely, paid-for wench inserting a foreign object up his jacksy?

    Readers must be told…

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