Cat meet pigeons

Barack Obama faced a new and unpredictable hurdle to White House re-election next year when the US supreme court announced it is to rule on whether his healthcare bill, the major legislative achievement of his presidency, is constitutional.

The court is to hear the arguments in March next year and is to expected to publish its decision in June, just five months before the White House election.

I\’m scheduling in massive supplies of popcorn for June then.

2 thoughts on “Cat meet pigeons”

  1. Prediction: Ruled constitutional on “general welfare” grounds.

    As an aside Timmy have you considered the “general welfare” clause? My interpretation would be that it authorises gov’t spending on pure public goods, as in “non-specific welfare”.

  2. I’ve been following this on the Cato podcast and from what I gather there are two main objections:

    1. It shouldn’t be covered by the Interstate Commerce amendments ie its nothing to do with the Feds


    2. Its against freedom of speech to force people to pay for insurance under threat of violence

    I’ve not looked up which arguments they’re hearing in March but either way Cato seems to think they are on very solid ground.

    As Tim says, should provide some fun.

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