City of London in Local Councillor knows what he\’s doing shocker!

City property deals benefit a developer linked to lord mayor

Former developer faces conflict of interest charge over office projects

As the piece points out, all interests have been declared and anyway, he didn\’t in fact serve on the relevant committee.

But, you know, while the Teenage Trots are shouting about The City, why not run the story anyway?

3 thoughts on “City of London in Local Councillor knows what he\’s doing shocker!”

  1. It’s “public money”, true, but not as most would understand it. The funds come from the City Corporation’s £1bn fund for investment, not central government. A public-private partnership with a neighbouring developer sounds to me perfectly reasonable, and added value is likely to be captured by both Hammerson and the City.
    Maybe a rival developer with a scheme on e.g. the South Bank rather than Hackney might feel left out, but the rest of London can only benefit.
    Of course, once you believe that all profit is dirty money you can find scandals everywhere.

  2. More absolute cock from you Worstall.

    There can be no way in liberalism that such a concentrated focus of interest is democratic

    Are you democratic, or are you wanting all interest to be held by those that can afford it?

    Every single comment you make seems to detract from that.

    Who exactly wanted this tit to own so much power?

  3. It is a tendentious article. St Alphage House mentioned in it is a really shit building, an eyesore that deserves to be flattened. It also sits on the outskirts of Barbican and is itself surrounded by tall buildings already like Citypoint. This article makes what is a bog standard application for redevelopment into something sinister.

    The City is just about built out so most large scale commercial development is occuring well outside the usual areas in places like Kings Cross. Goodness knows what these people think about that. I suppose in their heads Kings Cross, being such a salubrious area, will no doubt be worsened by the arrival of companies wishing to occupy buildings there.

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