Complete Twattery from John Foot

Many young people find it almost impossible to find stable work, thanks to a massive increase in the flexible nature of the labour market, something that has been pushed by governments of both the left and right in the 1990s and 2000s.

Dear Lord……the increase in flexibility was to overcome the previous inflexible structure which left everyone trying to fill dead men\’s shoes.

Getting something entirely, 100%, the wrong way around really isn\’t all that good coming from a Professor at UCL.

4 thoughts on “Complete Twattery from John Foot”

  1. I agree that a flexible labour market is better, but he does talk about “stable” work and an inflexible market with high protection for workers may give this, albeit at the expense of those who employers don’t take on due to the high cost of getting rid of people they don’t need/want.

  2. alastair, yes, we can have a choice between an inflexible market where many young people don’t get any work at all (such as France), but what they do get is “stable”, or a flexible market where more of them get work but it isn’t “stable” in that same way.

    It’s an interesting divide to see which option people prefer.

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