Crazy cricket

So, Oz out for 47.

Their worst innings in a century.

But, umm, they\’ve still a decent chance of winning the match.

Odd game, cricket.

2 thoughts on “Crazy cricket”

  1. Not any more they haven’t – SA won by 8 wkts. Crazy game.

    We will see more of these sort of ludicrous swings of momentum in Test matches as the effects of too much 20/20 cricket make themselves apparent. Batsmen are losing the ability to play long boring innings. Test matches are about not losing for 3-4 days and building a position to win the game thereafter. England may have become one of the top Test playing nations (if not the top nation) because they play less 20/20 and ODIs than everyone else. People like Alistair Cook and Jonathan Trott may not be much good at bashing it around for 20 or 50 overs but they will win you Test matches by batting for days on end and putting pressure on the opposition to do the same.

  2. Batsmen are losing the ability to play long boring innings.

    I think that applies a lot more to Aus than to SA, though. I think the all out for 96 was a bit of a fluke, the Aussies getting skittled is a pleasingly regular occurrence now, albeit not for 47.

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