Deep fried peasants

Deep-fried peasant with chips anyone? A chippy in Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, is offering this novel dish, making use of those shot on local estates. I am inspired. Peasant is a difficult meat; with almost no integral fat, the flesh can be dry when roasted, needing a bucket of bread sauce and gravy to swallow. Destination deep-fat fryer is a great solution, with the breadcrumb coating holding in the meat juices. Fryer Marcus French is on to something. The winter peasant glut, tonnes of good value, free-range and nutritious meat, needs consuming, and even a fussy eater would enjoy these. Could this be the birth of a chain of KFPs?

There is value in this, yes. Although to make a real go of it as a business we\’d have to extend the season so that it can be served year-round.

Hmm, no, perhaps that wouldn\’t really work for we\’d never get the free-range supplies over the long term if we interrupted the breeding season. Perhaps the solution would be to serve peasants half the year and hostages the other half?

8 thoughts on “Deep fried peasants”

  1. The solution is to cull the peasant population and freeze enough to cover the breeding season. Alternatively, peasants can be shot in the Antipodes and transported with the lamb. No need to slum on hostages at all and they tend to be stringy and need careful preparation to be palatable.

  2. I am trying to make up my mind if this is a piss take or not. Too many making the same mistake? PEASANT is a term that originated describing low paid farm workers. PHEASANT is the bird I would deep fry.

  3. I’d suggest sending peasants abroad instead of monetary foreign aid – kill two birds with one stone – save money on foreign aid & welfare bills. Deficit killer idea 🙂

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