Err, no peeps, just no

Waiting staff and hairdressers are among the lowest paid workers in the UK, latest figures show

No, they really don\’t.

1. Waiter £12,117 -0.7

2. Hairdresser £12,219 -4.4

3. Bar staff £12,399 +2.0

4. Kitchen/catering assistant £12,422 -2.7

They\’re, as ever, forgetting the perks.

There\’s not a restaurant in the land that doesn\’t give the waiting staff free meals….in fact, full time of 1,3 and 4 will all get free food. Even in a Mickey D\’s.

And 1 and 2 earn tips, 3 will get at least the odd drink etc.

Wages just ain\’t the total compensation you get from a job.

7 thoughts on “Err, no peeps, just no”

  1. It also has to be said that 1 & 3 are often so low skilled that even students are acceptable doing them. And bar staff get tips too.

    Rates for 2, from local experience, is driven down by the fact that it is a more acceptable – more social and more personal – alternative to shop work for many of the local young ladies. Over-supplied. Like lads wanting to be car mechanics when I were a nipper.

    4 is seen as a training post – most start off there hoping to progress to chef. So the opportunity is a valued, if not easy to value, perk as well.

  2. If McDonald’s workers get to eat McDonald’s food every day, there is an easy natural experiment to be conducted to test whether fast food really does ’cause’ obesity. Not generally very fat are they, McDonald’s staff?

  3. Of course fast food as such does not cause obesity, though the fact that Mickey D employees usually are thin is no proof of this. It is simply a proof of how quickly they move to do something else.

    Not that it’s a bad job, at least here it’s even relatively well paid, but it must be a bit dull.

    Much of modern obesity comes from sugar drinks which are ridiculously cheap, and mainly people buy them from shops, not McDonald’s where they are more expensive.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    In my limited experience, one of the big perks of bar work is shagging semi-drunk girls after hours. Hard to measure that really isn’t it?

    Although I have to admit the sight of modern young British girls suggests this is less appealing than it once might have been.

  5. SMFS:

    What you’re trying to tell us, I guess, is that, in the case of bartenders, even a few of the customers end up getting “tips” (and more, I’d bet).

  6. I used to work in the restaurant/cafe at Debenhams and the staff were given no meals whatever. In fact, basically zero perks apart from orange squash and free copies of ‘Heat’ and ‘OK’ in the staff room, which naturally I found completely engrossing.

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