Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has warned Mr Cameron that unless he accepts unconditional changes to the Lisbon Treaty a split will take place, leaving Britain isolated and in a voting minority within the EU.

\”She explicitly told Cameron that if there was no treaty change at the level of the 27 EU members then others will peel off, which is not what she wants,\” a senior EU diplomat told The Daily Telegraph.

The correct response is \”Bye-bye, have fun now!\”.

The bluff is, either you do what we want and sign up to help pay for it or we\’ll do what we want and we\’ll pay for it ourselves.

Which isn\’t all that much of a bluff really.

7 thoughts on “Euro-poker”

  1. I bet the treaty change Merkel wants Cameron to agree to isn’t a treaty change allowing the ECB to do unsterilized bond purchases, though…which is about the only thing that will prevent the “others peeling off” now.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Why do I get the feeling those tools are sitting down to dinner after the ship has hit the ice berg and everyone else is rushing for the life boats?

    I know exactly what Merkel et al remind me of – Jesus Jones’ “Right Here, Right Now”.

    Dinosaurs. All of them.

  3. Surely Dave’s trump card in any negotiation with the euro-politburo is: “I’ll have to put that to a referendum of the British people.”

    We’ve seen in the past week what their response is to a proposed referendum in Greece, when the chances of the result being what they want would have been considerably higher than it would here.

  4. Dave is a traitor and the EU’s man–sorry, the EU’s male.

    The only constraints are :
    1-Can he package this bullshit and “con” people? (pun intended). No, I don’t think he can this time.
    2-If he can’t con, can he brass it out and just say”That’s what is gonna happen, bollocks to what you (ie all the rest of us) want”?. I think that would be v difficult to do and it would prob be his swansong. Whatever pay-off his EU owners have for him, they better get it ready to pay.

  5. I’m with Mr. Ecks, Cameron is definitely their man. He will do as he is told, just like the ex ECB man put into Greece. Remember the German word is Gauleiter.

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