Galloway and the Borders

Galloway and the Borders is, I\’m told, the book with the best description of the subsidy regime for spruce planting in the UK and also of the history of it.

I therefore need a copy of this book but it seems to be out of print. Second hand copies are £50. Which seems a tad over the top. And I\’m not convinced about the publisher\’s \”print on demand\” promises: I\’ve been waiting for two weeks for an answer to an inquiry email.

Does anyone have a copy that they can post to me? I\’ll send it back after I\’ve read it and taken notes.


Update: This particular problem is now solved. Ta v. much to all.

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  1. Or if you want somewhere you can actually buy it from, have the ebook edition. I can’t give you an exact url from my phone browser, sorry

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