How cruel but oh, how true

Green MP Caroline Lucas may instinctively defend the interests of people rich enough to put solar panels on their roofs against those of the lowly consumers who have to pay to subsidise them, but the Treasury is, quite rightly, reducing the feed-in tariff for solar panels.

3 thoughts on “How cruel but oh, how true”

  1. A similar comment was made after our Prime Minister, prior to electoral “success” had a wind turbine plopped on his roof. Then a smart commentator pointed out that the exisiting subsidies were designed in a way that most greatly benefited the economic group best described as the Camerons.

  2. Not to worry: a future government will introduce a tax on feed-in tarrifs that retrospectively grabs back from the robbers who installed these devices.

  3. Serf, even George Monbiot had the integrity to describe the feed-in tariffs as “extortionate, useless and deeply regressive” in March 2010:

    “Buying a solar panel is now the best investment a householder can make. The tariffs will deliver a return of between 5-8% a year, which is both index-linked (making a nominal return of 7-10%(13)) and tax free(14). The payback is guaranteed for 25 years(15). If you own a house and can afford the investment, you’d be crazy not to cash in. If you don’t and can’t you must sit and watch your money being used to pay for someone else’s fashion accessory.”

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