Is there a Mr. Yvonne Roberts?

For Ms. Yvonne Roberts seems to be sending a message. She\’s hailing the joys of divorce for the over 60s.

\”Selfish, moi?\” Mother and Father, amicably divorced, might say. Too damn right – and why not after 30 or 40 years toiling at the matrimonial rock face? It\’s never too late to put the fun into the ex-factor.

If there is a Mr. Roberts I think I\’d be checking the pre-nup and the split of the pension rights just about now…..

3 thoughts on “Is there a Mr. Yvonne Roberts?”

  1. An 85 year-old couple go to the solicitors seeking a divorce.

    “Why are you getting divorced at 85?” asks the lawyer.

    “Well, we thought we ought to wait until the children were dead…..”

    (Hat tip: Tony Benn 🙂 )

  2. I suppose if you are rich then divorce may be ok.
    But who are you going to get to cut your toenails when you are 70?
    Or to remember what was on TV in the 70s.
    Or all the other trivia that two married do so much better than two ‘friends’.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    They have found an issue – that divorce is growing am0ng the old and they have trotted out some old bag to provide a rent-a-quote. As the media, and more so the Leftist media, is solidly pro-divorce (and seriously, when was the last time you saw anything even remotely objective about divorce in the media?), she blathers on about a subject she is clearly totally ignorant about how wonderful divorce is.

    “So divorce has zoomed forcefully into the Zimmer zone now that the only reported rise in the divorce rate – in the most recent, just-published, figures – is in the 60-plus age range.”

    This is true but it is from a very low base line. Most people over 60 do not divorce. Divorce peaks with female attractiveness. By the time a woman is forty, the chances she will get a divorce start to go down. Which makes this all the dumber:

    “Of course, men have long shed housewife number one for a younger uber-model.”

    No they have not. While men do actually do this, the numbers are tiny. Men, reaching the peak of their careers, invariably stay with their wives. It is women who choose divorce in the majority of cases.

    “Now, it seems, women too, better prepared by a lifetime of earning their own money and making their own way in the world of work, are happy to take the step from “I do” to “I definitely don’t any more”.”

    The assumption is that these women have been working. I would like to know what the evidence is. What she does not say is that these wives are invariably given the house and a large chunk of money – the State works to make divorce financially attractive to women and not so for men.

    “While only 5% of divorces are among the over-60s, the rate of disengagement is growing fast.”

    And who knows, in a few decades it might amount to something interesting.

    “Of course, for some divorcees, male and female, loneliness and families fractured beyond repair may ensue. But, ironically, if the marriage has had more of the better moments than the bad, if commitment helped to weather the relationship once romance waned a tad, then that’s exactly the kind of apprenticeship that may help to make the most of whatever life serves up next.”

    Great. So this idiot thinks that if you don’t need a divorce, you will do best afterwards. Kind of misses the point though don’t it?

    “Instead, they can now wander around the wilder shores of internet dating (so long, that is, that they lie about their age: the rules of this market place are going to have to change) or, revolutionary thought this, they set out to enjoy unbounded adventures totally seule.”

    It is nice to see reality breaking in just a little. It is painfully obvious to anyone who has anything to do with internet dating that women over 40 are of no interest to anyone. You can lie all you like, but in reality you have to lie more than all the other women and even then you have to actually meet people. Internet dating is great for casual sex with people who don’t give a damn about their standards, but relationships? Less so. As for travelling all by yourself, sure. If you want to. Is it worth getting divorced for?

    “It’s never too late to put the fun into the ex-factor.”

    Ms Roberts needs to read this and buy a cat:

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