Jurgen Habermas sorts it all out for us

It would be easier if the piece had actually been written in English but there we go.

His essential point is that in order for Europe to work as a political unit there has to be a European Demos.

Thus, umm, well, it\’s Underpants Gnomes time.

Yes, he\’s quite right that a Demos is necessary for any political configuration. The question is how we get from here to there and in that he\’s just as lacking in ideas as everyone else is.

Which leaves us with: we don\’t have a European Demos therefore we shouldn\’t have an over-arching European political structure.

5 thoughts on “Jurgen Habermas sorts it all out for us”

  1. Nonsense. What most politicians only get to dream of : Getting (or inventing) a new electorate ! No problem for our talented EU masters.

    Alan Douglas

  2. Tim Worstall, reading euro-gibberish so we don’t have to…

    I got as far as the second paragraph and had to restrain myself from poking the screen with a sharp object.

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