Laugh? I nearly died

There then followed an even more incredible moment where Huhne implied that if he had been in power, the single currency would have worked and so it was unfair to suggest that he had been proved wrong.

14 thoughts on “Laugh? I nearly died”

  1. I’m beginning to suspect that the reason Cameron allows Huhne and Cable to be in the cabinet is so that by the next election no-one will ever take the Lib Dems seriously again.

  2. And socialism, fascism, communism, etc haven’t worked down thru the ages not because any of the practitioners were wrong or have been proved wrong – it’s just that the RIGHT GUYS were never in charge.

    Damnable bad luck, that.

  3. Can’t decide if Huhne or Balls is the more odious. What a jumped-up little twerp. Huhne has all the behaviour of a physically short man lording it over other men. Tried to find his height by googling earlier, no luck. Anyone know ?

    Alan Douglas

  4. We need to buikd a machine to measure the true size of that ego. Existing equipment is inadequate.

    Reading that quote I now understand why Guhne believes some of the crap he does on the environment.

  5. The reason why Huhne is a minister is that he makes the Deputy PM and PM look like intellectual giants by comparison. Bit like the prety girl enhancing herself by palling about with a plain girlfriend.

  6. Rob // Nov 3, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    We need to buikd a machine to measure the true size of that ego. Existing equipment is inadequate.

    Rob, I know the very thing.
    A great big bucket of water like you’ve never seen. With volumetric calibration markers up the sides, like in a measuring jug. Just pop him in, but be sure to hold his head under the water. He has an enormous head, and we can’t measure his volume without complete immersion or the results will be all wrong. So keep holding him down.
    When he stops twitching and splashing, the readings will be reliable and accurate.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – “Actually, if he can convert lesbians, why not the oyro?”

    Who said he can convert lesbians? She was probably just looking for a break from so many butch dykes.

  8. May I be allowed to suggest that we institute a new unit – namely that for “near-insane arrogant overconfidence” which will be called the “Huhne”..?

    The normal working unit will be the NanoHuhne.

  9. Ah, Pogo, you remind me of milli-Helens. But I digress.

    So the thing that bothers me is, what does he mean by “in power”? Which job is it that he thinks is in a position to make the euro work? Surely the tragedy is that there is no such position? Unless he means, like, supreme emperor of Europe, or something.

  10. “boil his head”

    The true voice of Glasgow was NEEDED in this debate :

    “Awa an beil yer heid, Jummy” – or should that be “Huhnie” ?

    Alan Douglas

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