Still, every now and then one comes across a mercifully practical piece of parenting wisdom. The Australian psychologist Steve Biddulph recommends that, as soon as both parents arrive home from work, they should sit down together with a stiff drink. The alcohol, he says, will make them more relaxed – and thus better parents.

You give the gin to the screaming child.

Just make sure you\’ve still got gripe water* in the house: wouldn\’t want the child protection people coming around.


*Gripe water is essentially booze and sugar. An alcopop in fact which is why kiddies like it so much.

6 thoughts on “Nonsense”

  1. I discovered that they removed the alcohol from gripe water between #1 son (born November 1987) and #2 son (October 1990). I was most disappointed, having acquired the taste in July 1956.

  2. Andrew, I suspect I still have the taste as well. Unfortunately, the kids are health freaks and refuse the whisky and sherry we offer them for dinner 🙁

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