Owen Tudor: ignorant shite

Our man at the TUC. sorry, but he\’s just completely ignorant.

And of course, someone who is determinedly ignorant, not willing to learn from experience, is indeeed a shite.

Well, he is if he wants to take your and my money and and piss it away on his desires:

For example, a Robin Hood Tax will not fall largely on pensioners; this was a completely new one on us – not once in 18 months of discussions with politicians or civil servants has anyone suggested this, which is strange if it’s one of the main problems with the proposal.

I\’ve been telling you this for 18 months Owen, have I not?

The IFS has been saying this for a decade or more?

No, I\’m sorry, this is not, any more, Owen and I discussing things. This is not Owen Tudor lying.

This is Owen Tudor being a lying shit.

At which point, fuck you Owen, and the TUC you rode in on.

Lying bastard.

8 thoughts on “Owen Tudor: ignorant shite”

  1. I am sorry Tim but you are right and Owen is extremely stupid…

    Not that it makes any difference. Tomorrow we will see a headline from Owen and his slime colleague Hundal…”Another reason why people who know what they are talking about are completely deluded…”

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    “At which point, fuck you Owen, and the TUC you rode in on.”

    No, tomorrow the headline will be “Tory Attempts to Silence Critics Through Sexual Violence”. If you’re going to lie, you may as well lie big.

  3. Tim, a Tory?

    In re the article, note that he says he hasn’t heard it from politicians or civil servants, so technically he’s not lying in the strictest weasel sense. As everyone knows those two classes are the only ones whose opinions count.

  4. He is scum – when it comes down to it he does not give as dam about the impacts, as he once said to me ” its for the greater good” –

    “only a few high ranking financiers will lose there jobs” yea that’s why every independent retailer I know is instantly put out of business by this…

    Working for the good and the charitable is top notch yet public energy and resources are wasted time after time in chasing things like this.

    I would ask how on earth hes in the position he is but then I look at those “leading: the European union….

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