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Jon Thorisson
Eva Joly Institute,
Dunhagi 19
107 Reykjavik,

TEL: 00354 821 99 54
E-mail:[email protected]This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Board of directors

Advisory board

15 thoughts on “Presented without comment”

  1. it looks like the company of ALL the talents – shameless self-promotion will be the name of the game but with a curious lack of anything of substance emerging from it

  2. Helena Kennedy used to be quite sensible. I’m quite concerned that she might be entering a disreputable dotage.

  3. elswhere on the site:

    “We are pleased that several members of the Corruption Hunter Network, an informal group of prosecutors and corruption hunters, established in 2005, have accepted to become Fellows of the Eva Joly Institute.”

    which in turn links to:

    “The Corruption Hunter Network was born in 2005 when Eva Joly—a former French magistrate whose 1990s bribery investigation of state-owned oil company Elf Aquitaine targeted French politicians and convicted Elf executives—decided investigators and prosecutors needed a group to bolster morale. She convinced the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, or Norad, to contribute about $300,000 annually so corruption fighters could meet twice a year in five-star hotels without their usual retinue of bodyguards”[1]


  4. Jesus. Imagine being in the same locked room with Bjork, Ono and Ritchie. It’s a horror film for the ages, that one.

  5. Murphy will be in his element: a bumptious bustling little man, thrilled to be rubbing shoulders with faded slebs and psuedos, certain his mission to save the world is at last bearing fruit.

    Arnald will be there to take the photos.

    Hopefully they will be confiscated for security reasons and Murphy will say he understands.

  6. …targeted French politicians and convicted Elf executives…

    Yes, the executives went to jail whilst the politicians moved onto cushy positions in the EU or elsewhere. Count that as a blow struck in the name of anti-corruption!

  7. Nice to see that their Advisory Board includes a shrieking harridan, famous for spouting gibberish bordering on glossolalia.

    Hope he enjoys working with Björk and Yoko Ono.

  8. Well at least Richard Murphy isn’t responsible fo r splitting the Beatles….

    Any one know about Bjork and Yoko Ono’s tax arrangements for their musical royalties?

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    It would be wrong, I suppose, to pray that, just this once, an Act of God hits the right place at the right time?

    I can’t help feeling it would be worth it. Just for the chance. Imagine the world without these people. It is easy if you try.

  10. If they are relying on Murphy’s expertise in accusing people of corruption they are going to need good lawyers and deep pockets.

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