@richardjmurphy doesn\’t really get this internet thing, does he?

If you were to take a look back at the last 30 years, concentrating on the agora, the public space, what would be your overview?

Me, I think I\’d say that it was this here internet thing that had massively expanded it. From Usenet through blogs to Twitter and Facebook, the ability to broadcast one\’s views, discuss them, chew them over, have them criticised, corrected even, has expanded massively.

We are in a golden age of the public space I think it would be fair to say.

Which makes this from our favroute retired accountant from Wandsworth so interesting:

Geography is a really important part of this: having a location where people can meet and talk over a period is vital That’s because for thirty or more years neoliberalism has very deliberately crowded out all dissent, in economics and politics. So we have a hegemony of neoliberal thinking in economics whilst politicians are cowed into offering one agenda within the framework of the current political domain.


This from a man who, as he is only too eager to tell us, runs the number 1 economics blog in the country, has near 7,000 Twitter followers?

What crowding out?

11 thoughts on “@richardjmurphy doesn\’t really get this internet thing, does he?”

  1. and only pedants argue they should be outside the Bank of England, not St Paul’s: they’re in the City, which is all that matters.

    More indication that his grasp on geography isn’t all it is cracked up to be. That might be something to do with living in Norfolk where, I am assured, if you are away from the coast it is flat all the way from hedgerow to beet field.

  2. He’s simply admitting that there is no room for him in the arena of public discussion. He can only find a sufficiently sycophantic audience in the back rooms of small pubs (with one honourable exception, of course)

  3. thanks to Murphy I now know that all politicians and central bankers and journos hold identical views on the economy, the Euro, how to react to the banking crisis etc…Thanks Murph-meister for another stunning insight.

  4. Projection. He is the one famous for not tolerating criticism or dissent, so he projects that vice onto his hated enemies, the mythical “neo-liberal hegemony”, which is so dominant the State is reduced to a desperate toe-hold of only 45%.

  5. The twat only knows one word “neolibralism” and he thinks by injecting this into every sentence it somehow makes him seem intelligent.

  6. Murphy reminds me of the type of creationist who uses Darwinism as an epithet. They’re impervious to evidence as well.

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