Oh, so that injunction hasn\’t been lifted yet then?

Hugh Bonneville, who plays the Earl of Grantham in Downton Abbey, has received a Walpole Medal of Excellence as “a shining example of Britain’s best creative talent”.

At the ceremony, which celebrates luxury goods, the actor gushed: “I’ve admired these brands from afar for a long time – I’ve had to because I can’t afford them.”

Whatever does the actor, who has previously starred in the film Conspiracy of Silence and the play \’Tis Pity She’s a Whore, spend his money on? Sadly, he wouldn’t say. “I’m not talking with the press or the papers at the moment,” he declared, sniffily.

(Spotted by an alert reader. An alert reader I won\’t name but who is in the industry and knows about these things.)

It\’s really rather good to get the words in using the film and play names. Perhaps a film script could be constructed from this and this. Hugh might fancy trying out for one of the parts.

3 thoughts on “Snark”

  1. I have no idea what any of this is about.
    Presumably, given that there is an injunction involved, you can’t expound further here.

    Any clues for googling? Or can you send me a mail to my personal account? 🙂

  2. P-G:

    A few months ago, when there was all that hooha about super-injunctions, the blogger Guido Fawkes was interviewed on Sky News. The interview came to an abrupt end when Fawkes said, “If you don’t want to end up on the front page of the tabloids, don’t hire a prostitute to shove a dildo up your bum.”

  3. Too kind. The story will emerge even given the current hoo-har over media behaviour because the gossip columnists will continue to nod and wink at it. The curious thing is that most people, I am sure, don’t give a toss about about it. Injunctions don’t stop this stuff – hell, they don’t even work all the time for Jon Venables or Mary Bell. All they do is draw attention to people’s private lives and, as Ryan Giggs, Andrew Marr and Jeremy Clarkson will confirm, are a fabulous waste of money.

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