Sorry, they\’re still barking mad

Wednesday\’s report also found that the amount of investment needed to exploit gas reserves – about £32bn – would be enough to build 2,300 offshore wind turbines, which would produce enough renewable energy to meet government targets. Shale gas exploration also supports fewer jobs than renewable energy generation – hundreds of thousands of jobs could be created in offshore wind, solar power and other green energy, but drilling shale gas wells requires minimal manpower.

Yes, the idiots are still saying that using the labour of hundreds of thousands of people to do a task is better than using the labour of a few thousand to perform the same task.

Yes, this is still gross stupidity. We want to achieve our aims, whatever those aims are, with the least amount of human labour possible. Partly because this frees up labour that can go and do other things, making us all richer in the process: we get two things to share not just the one. Partly because we all rather like our leisure, that work life balance, and if we go about doing things in the most labour intensive method possible then we\’ve got less of that desirable leisure.

Ian B will be along in a moment to tell us all that this is just the Methodism, the Calvinism possibly, of the British Left shining through. Work is a good thing in and of itself.

But of course after such a display of stupidity we move to pure howling fucking lunacy:

Tony Bosworth, energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: \”If ministers give shale gas the green light it could wreck UK climate targets and keep us all in hock to soaring energy bills. The only solution to our broken power system is to develop the nation\’s home-grown clean energy supplies and cut energy waste. David Cameron must free us from the shackles of the big energy companies keeping us hooked on dirty fossil fuels – and support clean British energy providers instead.\”

Tony lad, if you can show us a renewables system that is cheaper than using fossil fuels then believe me, we\’re all ears. But there isn\’t one, this is our fucking problem you dingbat foetid dingo\’s kidney. Even when we add the social cost of carbon emissions renewables are still multiples of the price of fossil derived energy.

Switching to a more expensive energy provision system in order to avoid the expense of the cheaper energy provision system is known, in the technical jargon, as \”howling fucking lunacy\”.

4 thoughts on “Sorry, they\’re still barking mad”

  1. …….“If ministers give shale gas the green light it could wreck UK climate targets and keep us all in hock to soaring energy bills. ……

    Because a large new cheap source of energy will somehow push prices up.

    Compare and contrast
    Shale Gas: 32 Billion pounds voluntarily from private companies
    Wind: 32 Billion pounds extracted forcibly at the threat of prison from all of us

    Thery really cannot see the difference.

  2. They’re quoting some rent-a-gob from the Tyndall Centre in support of their claims about wind reneweables – what else would anybody expect from an institution supported indirectly by the Co-op Bank, with its enormous vested interest in the wind farms it owns?

    The least these ‘academics’ can do is to demonstrate the original sources of funding and support.

  3. “hundreds of thousands of jobs could be created in offshore wind,”
    If the writer of that would like to spend his days suspended in a harness hundreds of feet over a gale tossed North Sea with his extremities freezing off I’m sure his wishes could be accommodated.

  4. Now that we have smart meters that can control electric usage in a far more sophisticated way that old style ones, I suggest that every house be sent a form. On it will be a choice – do you want your electric to come just from renewables or from fossil fuels? The catch being that all the houses that opt for the renewables will have to pay higher prices (as renewables cost more) and suffer power cuts when the wind doesn’t blow. All those opting for fossil fuels will get 100% guaranteed supply, at a cheaper price than now, as they won’t be subsidising the bird mincers.

    Lets see how many of the Great British public (and the Great and the Good) opt for renewables then.

    I would laugh long and hard when the lights went out and the pipes all froze in Chris Huhnes house when his power got cut off on a freezing but wind free January day.

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