Sorta inevitable really

Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, faces questions about his partner’s conduct after it emerged she sought lobbying work.

If a politician starts bonking the PR help (and these days it\’s hardly unusual, perhaps the modern replacement for bonking the secretary) then of course there\’s going to be a bit of difficulty if they set up home together. Doing political PR work when the partner is a Cabinet Minister is going to be a bit of a minefield.

Just one of these things about two career relationships that we\’re still working out….not entirely dissimilar from Huhne\’s actual wife having to leave a government job (BoE economist? Treasury economist?) when he joined the Cabinet.

2 thoughts on “Sorta inevitable really”

  1. Is that former wife or estranged wife? I can’t keep up with transient matrimonial arrangements of the Great and Good.

  2. Estranged. Joined DTI and eventually left BIS …

    Maybe she should take a sabbatical back to the land of her fathers? Some decent economics (despite going to the LSE), probably best taped to a half-brick or two for effect, is in serious demand.

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