That\’s the end of the scoop then, isn\’t it?

The Chinese government has issued new regulations for journalists that require them to provide two sources for everything they print.

Also rather the end of tabloid style reporting where there are generally no sources……

9 thoughts on “That\’s the end of the scoop then, isn\’t it?”

  1. My opinion is that the media is way down the ethics league next to politicians mostly of the left persuasion. However laws and regulations are not the answer to correcting this. The problems of the falling standards, vales and morals of society that need addressing and as that is not going to happen more and more draconian laws and regulations are going to be thought the answer. Self defeating of course as they start a new problem, the suppression of democracy.

  2. Actually I think Private Eye, like the Sun, have learnt their lessions regarding article accuracy having had their pants pulled down a few too many times in court…

  3. Wasn’t there a country (Mexico ??) that once required 2 police officers to witness a confession, so they upped the amount of torture to make sure they got the same statement?

  4. Antisthenes:

    Unfortunately, there’s nothing automatically equating democracy with the freedom I gather you value and which you see everywhere being
    impinged upon by regulations and restrictive laws. Democracy–rule by majority–is as consistent with various tyrannies as it is with freer modes of social organization. Which extreme it shall be depends on the particular demos. The only superiority that may be claimed by democracy is that it establishes a process for change of government without resort to the “war of all against all.”

    The major struggle for quite some time has been between the idea of economic life determined primarily by “the market” or by authority. And it is now 80 years since Mises showed irrefutably the impossibility of any “third way” or “middle way” between market freedom and socialism (of one sort or another. Each change in regulatory structure (whether more or less) is simply a step in the direction toward one or the other (which was also the point of F.A. Hayek’s
    mid-’40s ROAD TO SERFDOM.

  5. Won’t it just create a market in sources.
    Doesn’t matter if the sources both say the same thing just as long as they are different sources.

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