The Real George Osborne

Yes, it\’s stunt by the World Development Movement.

You remember, the idiot Teenage Trots who want to kill the Third World poor by increasing the volatility of food prices and reducing the integration of the world food chain.

Deborah Doane, director of the World Development Movement, said: \”We hope that this campaign, with genuinely funny content and such an exciting star at its centre, will bring this important issue to people in a way that is compelling and interesting.”

Yes love, your campaign to kill poor babies really is something to be celebrated with some comedy clips, isn\’t it?


5 thoughts on “The Real George Osborne”

  1. I thought they just wanted to limit certain forms of speculation? That’s hardly going to be killing babies is it?

  2. Luis Enrique

    You are speaking left-speak whereas Tim is speaking right-speak. Therefore you talk about stated intentions whereas Tim talks about the actual outcome.

  3. But “someone who knows what he’s talking about” said,

    “To answer my original question, both Murphy and Worstall are wrong. Murphy is completely wrong, except perhaps under some definition of volatility known only to himself. Worstall is wrong in stating a definite answer to the question not supported by the evidence he cites. The true answer is that we should not expect any great effect on short-term volatility, but that any small effect is somewhat more likely to be up than down. And that there is no way of knowing whether they would be a useful reduction in the risk of the occasional large moves that we really care about when we worry about volatility. ”

    Can you get from there to killing babies?

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