This will be difficult, won\’t it?

The documents call for more  ‘short-term political expediency’ to boost their popularity

The Lib Dems….more short term political expediency?


4 thoughts on “This will be difficult, won\’t it?”

  1. If you put nothing in pretty packaging and tie it up with “straplines and soundbites”, it’s still nothing, isn’t it?

  2. Tim,
    you’re missing the point about the lib dems. None of their bizarre half-baked completely unrealistic schemes are done out of expedience. They passionately believe in all the crazy bullshit they come up with. If you truly believe, then it’s not expediency, it’s a moral imperative.

    Same is true of labour, except for the fact that none of their leadership is quite that stupid. So they try to use that excuse to cover expediency.

    And the Tory’s (not that we have anyone worthy of even that name), well they’re just evil. No need for expediency, the proles just better shut up and like it.

    This is the political spectrum across the developed world. hair shit wearing loonies, Machiavellian Chancers, and the aristocracy stuck up their own arse.

    My kingdom for a sane, altruistic politician who is not an idiot.


  3. On that basis, you might want to take a look at NZ. Smart, doesnt need to do it (has cash up the wazoo) and the steps being taken make sense within the parameters of what’s possible.

    Their very own Maggie ;o)

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