Timmy elsewhere

Snarling at the Enough Project and Global Witness for starving poor Congolese.

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  1. Economic policies run by spin-doctors.
    Like when the USA put an embargo on chrome from Southern Rhodesia and everyone who traded in/with the USA had to buy from Enver Hoxha’s homicidal regime in Albania. [Coincidentally, Southern Rhodesia also produced finest “Virginia” tobacco at a significantly lower price than the US tobacco farmers wanted to charge for their crop]

  2. Oh, I daresay that the NGO industry are wanking themselves blind at the thought of having to rush in and do one of their “rescue the starving” efforts, you know. TV crews, heart-rending documentaries, “we saved them from the militias”, Tarquin and Jemima blithering over a future Islington dinner table at how they saved some darkies on their Gap Yah, the poor natives were getting sucked into capitalism, now we’ve got them living on aid like they ought to, you should have seen their big piccaninnie smiles when we gave them a bag of rice, etc etc.

  3. Ian, Ian,

    But the darlings have their hearts in the right place. You are so cruuueeel.

    Whatever you do don’t suggest controlling aid, refusing it to dictators and favouring private property rights & free trade as the best way to empower and enrichen poor societies.

    Capitalism is so eeevil. And I am a lackey. Must be ‘cos I don’t care. Just more babies to eat, right?

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