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Why solar might not be a good investment.

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  1. The NHS is run by slow-moving donkeys.

    I spotted a story a week or so ago about a hospital in Ashford that had introduced a patient reminder system, which had the effect of reducing forgotten appointments (http://www.elmbridgetoday.co.uk/News/Appointment-reminder-service-success-0000001232.aspx).

    The NHS claims that £600m per year is lost because of lost appointments, and this hospital is saying that lost appointments went down by 1/3rd. Or in other words, that implementing quite a straightforward SMS/automated calling system at the cost of about 10-20p/appointment would save £200m.

    We know this isn’t that difficult because my dentist with 4 staff has had a reminder system for 4 years. So why didn’t the NHS have one then? And I know that my local hospital and the Oxford Eye Hospital still don’t do this, despite the fact that it’s obviously a very good idea.

    What’s £200 million in nurses? 3000? 4000? So, to get those, and get more medicines given, more plasters changed and and all the other things we want. We aren’t cutting nurses salaries to get those, or asking more from the tax payers, we’re just improving how we use money.

    And the reason my dentist does it is service, and because he doesn’t want to stand around when he can make money fixing someone’s teeth.

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