Very well done indeed to Blenheim in New Zealand

“Playing in the World Cup was a dream and playing in New Zealand was special. What other time are you going to play in New Zealand? The five planes it took us to get there was worth the trip,” he said.

“The local people embraced us completely and made us feel at home. In Blenheim, our host town, they even put up the road signs in Cyrillic. They don’t get many Russian visitors there, they had done it for us.\”

Yes, well done. Clap clap clap.

He was brought up in Zelonograd, a large town north-west of Moscow with a proud rugby history. He took up the sport at the age of nine but it took off when his parents sent him to Dublin to improve his English.

And that is amusing too. Zelenograd was built to be the Soviet version of Silicon Valley. All electronics and chip making. Must be the only place on the planet where the geeks play rugby.

2 thoughts on “Very well done indeed to Blenheim in New Zealand”

  1. I’ve read before that the SF Bay area is the strongest rugby area in the USA. I don’t know whether geeks from the real Silicon Valley play though.

    Tim adds: Not sure. When I was playing over there it was the DC area. All those foreigners and Forces people coming in and looking to play for the couple of years they were there…..

  2. Apart from Oxbridge – when I was young (not quite the dark ages) the %age of rugby blues in the actuarial profession was higher than in the general population – there is New College Florida (OK – they play the softie version called American football, but that’s ciose) where the student body mascot is the null set – a reference only comprehensible to geeks.

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