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He should say that while it was right for Britain not to join the single currency as it was previously constructed, if Germany were to act responsibly, Britain would peg sterling to a reformed euro and in the long run even consider joining the regime. Moreover, Britain would do this either way, he could argue – eventually joining a single currency in which Germany accepted its responsibilities or a single currency without Germany.

Yup, he said it.

The euro\’s fucked so Britain should join the euro.


This is worse though:

But phobias and constitutional courts cannot trump the agonising choice facing Germany and Europe.

Let\’s just abandon the rule of law so that everyone does what I want them to. Rather missing the point that the aim of having the rule of law is that we\’re not subject to the whims and desires of those who would rule us.


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  1. While society is disregarding morals and ethics and the EU is showing scant regard for following rules is it any wonder that the more feeble minded of us advocate doing the same thing.

  2. “But phobias and constitutional courts cannot trump the agonising choice facing Germany and Europe.”

    There you have the European Project in a nutshell – forget about the democratic will of the people, or the rule of law, just do as we tell you!

    This crisis is very revealing. At last everyone can see the true nature of the beast. We (the eurosceptics) always said it was a a dictatorship in waiting, and now its there for even the most neutral person to see. Their utter contempt for the people’s views is being exposed by their reactions to the crumbling of their euro edifice around them. Rather than do the right thing for the benefit of the people of Europe, and have an orderly (of sorts) disintegration of the eurozone, they force the parties to stay together, imposing more and more misery on the people, and exposing us all to an even greater disaster when it finally implodes (as it will).

    Ironically they are destroying the very notion of European co-operation and integration by doing so. When the eurozone dissolves in an economic and social catastrophe no-one is going to be demanding their nation is part of a supranational body ever again.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    “The euro’s fucked so Britain should join the euro.”

    Surely what he is saying is dumber than this? He is admitting the Euro as it stood, the Euro he spent a decade telling us to join, was f**ked, so it is now right that we did not join it, but come what may, no matter if the Germans play nice or not, it will be fine next time and so we should join it now?

  4. Ah yes, the “forget all that crap I told you before, this time I’m definitely right!” defence. We hear a lot of this from the global warming people too…

  5. Woolly Willy’s utterly thick. Only got a second class degree, wrote a crap book and a few newspaper articles, and now he’s Principal of Hertford College, Oxford…

  6. Paulic, I wish i was as thick as Willy, look at the money the bastard is raking in! He must have some talent or useful cronies.

  7. He is an apperatchik. His “talent” is bullshitting, brown-nosing, back-stabbing and sucking up to the right people.

    So long as there is nutriant soil, poison spores will grow.

  8. There are lots of debts, of which the private debt is manageable and the state debt is deemed to be beyond control, but he claims that the *private* debt is insupportable and offers two options which amount to default by stealth or default by consent (omitting the normal option for private debt which cannot be repaid i.e. bankruptcy revealing that he is talking about state debt).

  9. The interesting thing for me is that the past three years haven’t just proved that the EUro is unworkable; they’ve proved that national managed currencies in general don’t work. The EU just happens to demonstrate that more clearly, because (a) the international disparities are (arguably) greater than intranational ones and (b) everyone still remembers being individual countries.

    But the same thing that has brought the Euro down applies just as much to the pound; the interest rate suitable for the City is not the interest rate suitable for North Wales or Humberside, the interest rate fit for New York is not fit for Detroit. Yet it seems to me that people who are generally (rightly) pointing out why the Euro doesn’t work really don’t want to apply that nationally, and are as caught up in the dream of managing the currency to get one up on trading competitor nations etc as much as Will is. It doesn’t work, it never has worked and it never will work. But still people believe. It’s very strange.

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