A quite glorious logic fail

Doctor goes into federal government, finds that federal government is incredibly wasteful in health care, moves like a snail, is less efficient that private non-profits.

Therefore all health care should be run by federal government.

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1 thought on “A quite glorious logic fail”

  1. Look at the problems he lists: “overtreatment of patients, the failure to coordinate care, the administrative complexity of the health care system, burdensome rules and fraud”. All of those are better in a socialized system than in a private system on the US model.

    There are only two rational systems of healthcare in the face of modern medical costs: socialized medicine or libertarian medicine in which you get only the treatment you can afford to pay for. And the latter is inhumane.

    I know you admire the French system, which is socialized but not single-payer. So why do you think it illogical for Dr Berwick to want something more like it?

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