Absolutely fascinating from Ritchie

The second was as personally important, and I am aware that at least some others shared it, which was that it was so encouraging to take part in a research seminar where no one was asking you to justify why you thought offshore was so important. It remains the case that  far too few academics, and economists in particular (who were almost inevitably under-represented as a result), understand the enormous impact of offshore on the world economy and the resulting need to regulate them.

So the whole campaign is taking place in the absence of economists because no economists sign up to their insistence that offshore is bad, M\’Kay?

That\’ll do a lot for the economic relevance of what they\’re doing, won\’t it.

The project is being funded by the Norwegian government, who also ultimately fund part of my work, and the synergies are obvious.

That\’s also fascinating. We know he gets £35,000 a year from the J. Rowntree folks, there\’s this, whatever this is, from the Norwegian Government, I assume he\’s paid by PCS, the TUC and so on for his reports and, well, just how much money is he making out of telling everyone that we must all pay more in tax?

Perhaps the campaigner for transparency would like to tell us?

And yes, you can find my own income in the archives of this site.

5 thoughts on “Absolutely fascinating from Ritchie”

  1. “far too few academics understand the enormous impact of offshore on the world economy”

    I do a lot of academic work on the enormous impact of offshore on the world economy, but they didn’t invite me.

    Wonder if that’s because I come to the conclusion that the impact is positive, and that doesn’t fit their prejudices?

  2. it’s all about control of the assets of private citizens….I’m sure that the Jews who were lucky enough to escape from Nazi Germany would be outraged to learn that offshore finanical activites are always bad.

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