Ageing ballerina eyes new career

One doesn\’t want to be ungallant but 33 is fairly long in the tooth for a chorus ballerina*. If you\’ve not collected the rich businessman by that point one is going to have to think about working as a second career.

Mariafrancesca Garritano, 33, has broken the unwritten code of silence – which she fears could cost her a place in the opening performance of next season.

In scenes that would not look out of place in the Natalie Portman Oscar winning film Black Swan, Miss Garritano, a ballerina at Milan\’s famous La Scala opera house, described how dancers suffered from eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, as they frantically tried to please teachers and opera chiefs with \”the perfect body.\”

\”Sadly this is a phenomenon that affects the whole of the ballet world but is very rarely discussed,\” she said. \”It\’s as if there is a Mafia code of omerta (silence) that rules over us and as it result it must never be broken.

So that\’s a second career as a trainer or teacher out. So, what\’s the game plan then?

Miss Garrittano has written about her experiences in a book called \’The Truth, Please, About Ballet\’.

Ah, the career as the lifter of lids, the speaker of the truth about the industry.

Difficult one to get right but there\’s a good living in it if you can.

Usually better to start out as a CIA agent who confessess all to the lefty talk circuit or a communist who then confessess all on the righty one but don\’t put your daughter on the stage has a timeless ring to it as well.





Maybe not the right word, but one who prances around in the background rather than getting the starring role?

2 thoughts on “Ageing ballerina eyes new career”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Next she will be telling us they often have sore feet.

    This is nothing, not a patch, on the New York ballet dancer who wrote a book on how much she enjoys anal sex. Like a lot of people in the ballet I guess, but this one is actually female. So on a scale of one to ten where Anal Sex Girl is a 10, this hardly ranks a 4 on the Black Swan Weirdo Ballet scale.

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