Allen Stanford\’s defence

I\’ve forgotten.

Stanford first began complaining of “extensive retrograde amnesia” from the jailhouse attack sometime after he arrived at Butner in February, according to the prosecutors’ filing. “Stanford has recently repeatedly claimed being ‘completely amnestic to his life prior to the assault, stating that 59 years were stolen,’” Costa said in the filing, citing the Butner report.

Stanford claimed to be unable to recall life events “including his romantic encounters with various female partners, past vacation and holiday activities with his children, visits with famous politicians, as well as details of his business and banking operations,” Costa said. Stanford claimed family members had to “educate” him about his previous life, and the former billionaire “indicated feeling bad after being informed by his family that he was known as a ‘womanizer,’” Costa said, citing the Butner report.


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  1. He’s got the very rare type of “Cartoon Amnesia” where a sharp blow to the head removes all past memories (but not the ability ot form new ones). I believe the cure is to be hit on the head a second time.

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