Dear God Mr Lean

They have gone virtually unnoticed amid all the bombast, bargaining and breaking news of the past two weeks of top-level climate negotiations. But tucked away in an obscure corner of the giant conference site in the middle of Durban are two South African women, surrounded by a pile of brightly coloured bags, who promise to do more to fight poverty, save lives and combat climate change than all the suited bureaucrats, and their political masters, have done in their deliberations.

These women – one white, one black – have come up with a simple, traditionally-based technique that could dramatically cut the amount of fuel used to cook food, save desperately poor people a sizeable slice of their income, slash pollution, improve health and employ many thousands who have no jobs.

Quite excellent, yes, a modern interpretation of the haybox. Reduces costs, air pollution and CO2 emissions. Wonderful to hit that trifecta and yes, it\’s two biddies actually doing something that have more effect than all the politicians put together.


The in the same damn article we get the following:

An annual assessment by the pressure group Germanwatch – which analyses performance in 13 areas – puts Britain only just behind the traditionally eco Sweden (though it ranks them only four and five, keeping the first three places blank “as no country is doing enough to prevent dangerous climate change”). We perform the best of the world’s top 10 carbon dioxide emitters.

Her Majesty’s Government scored high for the Climate Change Act and its decision, this summer, to cut emissions to half of 1990 levels by 2027 – and for the leading position it has taken in international negotiations. The judges say Britain would have beaten Sweden had it not been for recent anti-green pronouncements by the Chancellor.

That may have been its last chance. For the judges are predicting that Denmark will now soar to the top after announcing that it will cut emissions by 40 per cent from 1990 levels by 2020, and produce all its power and heat from renewable sources by 2035.

Praise for a ranking that is based on the postures of politicians rather than actually doing anything about air pollution, CO2 emissions or reducing costs. Come along now, it\’s one or the other. Either politicians prancing upon a stage is important or not, people actually doing something is important or not.


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  1. Denmark used to be the best country in the world… please God let the Leftists be kicked out after the next election and sanity return.

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