He went on to serve as head of station in Bonn, and during the 1960s in Beirut, where he enjoyed skiing at The Cedars, a resort where, as he recalled, discipline in the lift queues improved dramatically after an attendant shot dead the two worst queue jumpers.

9 thoughts on “Discipline!”

  1. Was in Turkey during the military dictatorship and remember a big crossing on the outskirts of Izmir, with a uniformed policeman in the middle, giving directions with a machine gun. There at least the Turks drove carefully.

  2. Shot them once when they really pissed him off, then coolly shot each one in the head to make sure they were dead, I suppose? The telegraph never lets facts stand in the way of a good anecdote in a military obituary.

  3. Always said the world was going to the dogs. Shame you can’t do that anymore. Bloody good wheeze if you ask me.

    Could do with that chappie down at my local, instill a bit of discipline at the bar, what, what!

  4. ambrose: It wasn’t the chap in the obituary, it was the attendant. And given that it was Lebanon, I believe it.

  5. Matthew, I buy a fight at a “queue” in lebanon (I’ve never seen one, not even at the airport), pushing and swearing, someone pulls gun, etc, just not the neat little anecdote.

    Maybe it was Jeremy Clarkson?

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