John Harris: Support for the anti-EU lobby in Britain has risen from 19% to half the population in 10 years. Labour ministers feel trapped

Memo to John Harris (OK, Guardian subs).

What friggin\’ Labour Ministers?

Recall that \”election\” thing?

5 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    In all fairness we do now have three identical parties. Except they are all Lib-Dems. Well party leaderships, maybe not parties.

    Cameron and Clegg would be happy in either of their respective parties – and would probably have been happy to serve under Blair too.

    So it is an easy mistake to make.

  2. To be fair part of the article refered to historical events from when Labour was in power, but I do think there is a reluctance to accept Labour is irrelevant and powerless among many in the left.

  3. John Harris asks the question…..

    …..But when ICM asked a similarly worded question 10 years ago, 68% of respondents said that Britain should stay in, against 19% wanting out – a lead of 49 percentage points for pro-Europeans. So what happened?…….

    There has been a very slow realisation that the EU has absolutely nothing to do with what it claims to be. The EU Constitution was probably the biggest factor. When the voters gave the wrong answer, they were ignored.

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